The Private, Invitation-Only Conference that Shows Smart Business People How to Keep It!

Is your wealth held anywhere in Canada or the United States?

Then you may be surprised to know: It’s largely — if not entirely — unprotected.

Regardless of whether you are in Canada or America, debt-ridden western governments are devising ways to take more of your income and assets to help pay for their past mistakes and future entitlement programs.
Paying more in Federal taxes than what’s absolutely essential is the most punitive, unproductive expense you’re paying. It undermines the very incentives of having and running a business.

What's the solution?
To override these challenges and to succeed today, you must keep abreast of global investing opportunities, while learning new ways to protect everything you’ve acquired and will earn and acquire, while maintaining a high level of privacy.  

Making money is only the first step. The hand-chosen experts at the It’s Your Money Seminar will help you create off-the radar strategies to keep it.

This is a small and intimate conference, designed to give you the opportunity to work privately and one-on-one with the international experts.